We have a state-of-the-art video system to allow us to provide in-depth analysis of your swing. The V1 Coaching System is a leader in video analysis software and hardware. We can give you visual feedback on your all aspects of your swing, from both face-on and a down-the-line. Your swing can be displayed in slow motion, frame-by-frame and real time. One of the most popular features is the split screen, where you can compare your swing with your favorite tour professional.

TOMI Pro records critical parameters of you putting stroke in real-time. TOMI shows you what you’re doing right, and it shows you what you’re doing wrong, tells you how to fix it, and even gives you drills you need to become a great putter. TOMI Pro measures Alignment at Address, Alignment at Impact, Path at Impact, Stroke and Rotation, Shaft Angle, Impact Spot, Speed at Impact, and Stroke Tempo.