My approach to teaching is to deal with each golfer as an individual. Differences in physical characteristics, abilities, disabilities, dedication to practicing and playing will all affect the potential of a golfer. I like to start each lesson by interacting with my students to make them feel comfortable while learning about their personality and learning style. I want to find out my student’s current level of play and goals to determine what type of lesson schedule should be followed. I will do my part in identifying problems, providing solutions and giving feedback; as the student you must do your part by putting in the time and effort to make the corrections.

I like to ask my students what their goals are, both short term and long term, in order to establish a lesson plan. During lessons I like to give drills that students can do on their own and that give feedback so they understand the goal of the change. I can customize a lesson plan that fits each individual’s needs and schedule.

To schedule a lesson please contact me at billy@billyhoffmangolf.com or 703-938-2593.